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Earthmoving machinery is a crucial cog in industries such as agriculture and construction, and like all complex tools, maintenance is vital for optimal performance. Heavy-lifting machines in particular must be well-maintained not only for their benefit, but for the safety of the workers on your jobsite.


  1. Know Your Equipment


Training is always the first item of business. Ensure that each worker is informed of proper operation and safety standards and certified when necessary.


  1. Establish Routines


Just like your car or truck, earthmoving machinery requires regular upkeep. With an estimated 15 percent of maintenance-related accidents resulting in worker fatalities, this is non-negotiable.


  1. Work Smarter


You wouldn’t use a wrench to drive nails into a two-by-four; choosing the right heavy-lifting machine is necessary just the same. When worker safety is on the line, there’s no room for guesses.


  1. Storage, etc.


A few last notes: pay attention to power modes when applicable. Utilizing the wrong power mode is as good as utilizing the wrong machine. Lastly, store all earthmoving machinery properly to avoid damage from moisture and sunlight.

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