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Unscheduled downtime is a serious problem for many large organizations; it can lead to reduced uptime, reduced productivity, and reduced profits. But how should a company go about preventing asset failures and unplanned downtime? Here are a few of the top tips.


  • First of all, it’s important to track downtime carefully. This helps maintenance staff know what is most likely to fail, when it tends to fail, and why.
  • Next, make sure that employees are given proper training. User error is a major cause of downtime.
  • Encourage employees to give input. After all, they are the closest to the equipment itself
  • Implement a regular maintenance schedule to prevent unexpected failures.
  • Outsource your parts delivery and shipment service. This will help make it more reliable.
  • Continue to evaluate your maintenance program. Although following these steps can help improve your strategy, there are always ways to make it better.
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