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Asset Maintenance Management Made Efficient.

Correct. Prevent. Predict. Save Money.

TAG Functionality


TAG optimizes asset maintenance and management; maximizing organizational-wide ROI and employee utilization, and avoids costly downtime primarily through its corrective, preventative and predictive functionality.


Corrective Maintenance Functionality

Automated assignment processes – Rapid Response

Increase workforce productivity

Defined maintenance processes


Preventive Maintenance Functionality

Real-Time Scheduling and Dispatching

Condition Monitoring to Reduce Downtime



Predictive Maintenance Functionality

Predictive Dashboard with Real Time-Data

Custom Workflow Creation


Save Money

Reduce Unnecessary Costs

TAG provides the visibility you need to stop problems before they start and correct them when they are out of your control.


What is changing in the CMMS world ?


Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is both the most costly and invasive form of asset maintenance management because it is the most reactive approach.

It is invasive because it often requires the dismantling of equipment and replacement of parts, which increases the risk of the accidental introduction of further defects to the asset.

Before the introduction of the CMMS into the industry, corrective maintenance was basically the prominent way to maintain assets, but today, thanks to benefits of a CMMS, organizations can leverage technology to decrease corrective maintenance to a very minimum.
That said, even the best technology will not be able to prevent or predict every scenario, so Tag continues to provide you with the corrective asset maintenance management functionality, and it’s associated robust features, so you can manage the emergencies with ease and in less time.


Preventative Maintenance

Tag’s preventive asset maintenance management was built to decrease the high costs associated with working in reactive mode. With preventative maintenance, Tag will proactively prompt you to create a work order on a regular basis so you are actively checking up on your equipment to renew their performance and ensure they continue to work at their maximum capacity.

With Tag, you support your preventative maintenance strategy by identifying maintenance needs according to user defined triggers such as date and meters, and by tracking activities and results.


Predictive Maintenance

Predictive asset maintenance management is by far the best approach. More than just preventative, Tag’s predictive maintenance leverages data you collect over time to become the most accurate predictor of deficiency or deterioration in your assets. By identifying deterioration as it occurs, you can affect it only when required, and in turn, not only save time on potentially unnecessary recurring maintenance visits (like in preventative), but also reap the full potential of each component within your asset, and extend its overall lifespan.

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