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Taking the Typical Benefits of CMMS to the Next Level.

 The Whole Organization Reaps The Benefits of CMMS.


Benefits of having Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

Boost Your Productivity · Reduce Downtime · Avoid Costly Mistakes

Source: A.T. Kearney’s and Industry Week’s survey of 558 companies



TAG benefits your people, process & strategy.


Your organization benefits from Tag’s functionality from a People, Process and Strategic perspective to ultimately help you save money and gain a higher overall return on investment.


  • Improves communication between maintenance, IT and Finance
  • Boosts employee morale and motivation
  • Optimizes productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of staff
  • Eases User Adoption
  • And More


  • Defines a maintenance process
  • Provides real-time visibility
  • Transitions process from reactive to proactive
  • Improved data accuracy & reliability
  • And More


  • Mitigates risks
  • Empowers strategic decision-making
  • Adds to an organization’s competitive edge
  • Increases lifetime of assets
  • And More


From Production to Financial challenges –

We understand your most pressing pain points.


Choosing to opt-out of a CMMS only means choosing to continue to suffer from unnecessary pain across the spectrum within your organization. From the Production Director to the CFO, the benefits of a CMMS, particularly those of Tag, can be felt across the organization.


Do these challenges look familiar to you?

Production & Maintenance

  • High equipment downtime
  • High percentage of reactive maintenance work
  • High overtime and staffing levels
  • High cost of maintenance work
  • Poor preventive maintenance (PM) program
  • Low reliability/MTBF
  • Poor relationship between Operations and Maintenance
  • Poor MRO inventory and purchasing control
  • Poor maintenance records and history
  • Poor management of safety for maintenance staff
  • And more

Organization-wide wins

  • Improves intervention planning by keeping a history of breakdowns
  • Helps transition from corrective maintenance to preventive maintenance.
  • Improve overall performance by reducing the amount of unscheduled production shutdowns.


  • Integration with ERP
  • Integration with other tools
  • Software security
  • Mobility options
  • Document management
  • Available storage
  • And more

Organization-wide wins

  • No time spent trying to integrate the system into existing software
  • Secure program backed by Microsoft
  • Easy updates aligned with those of Microsoft’s roadmap


  • Complex configurations
  • Extended service offerings
  • Warranty
  • Product design
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Project budgeting
  • And more

Organization-wide wins

  • Tag allows for better budget control and planning of expenditures, enabling you to control the condition of your assets in real time!

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