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Optimize work capacity with visibility into resource assignment in one convenient drag n’ drop real-time dispatch tool.

For a dispatch manager, who is sitting in an office while his technicians are out in the field, having a real-time dispatch tool that can connect the two worlds together is the ticket to success. Tag’s dispatch tool is a visually-appealing graphical planner that allows managers to assign work and schedule their resources to optimized their capacity all while respecting the boundaries of their individual skills sets and calendars.

All the resource information that is pre-configured into Tag’s Workforce Management view on each of your employees is used to help the algorithm populate your day automatically. Need to make an adjustment? The dispatch manager has the flexibility to manually override the system with easy drag n’ drop functionality, see it in action.

With Tag’s real-time dispatch tool, dispatch managers schedule the right people for the right tasks and make the best use of their personnel’s skills and enable ideal conditions for the maintenance of their assets. No more wasting time tracking everything manually, attempting to optimize routes and keeping technicians on schedule; dispatch managers can take on a more strategic role and add deeper value to maintenance management.

Key Benefits

Assign tasks by resource

See remaining budget by task and project

Drag n’ drop scheduling

Various calendar views

Highlight overbooked projects

Interactive interface

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