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TAG Asset Management Software

TAG Asset Management solution allows you to manage the entire life cycle of your assets and extend the useful life of capital assets. Two asset hierarchies to separate finance fixed assets from maintenance department assets. Quickly decide whether to continue to maintain assets or replace them. Roll up equipment maintenance costs into fixed assets for depreciation. Eliminate double data entry and reduce company meetings since all the information is centrally available.

Equipment Asset Management Features




Equipment Groups

Code the equipment to filter and report on the equipment by equipment category/group.

Location Codes

Location code the equipment to filter and report on the equipment by location. Define the location hierarchy to easily find the equipment.

Process Codes

Code the equipment to filter and report on the equipment by process. For instance, chemical process or electrical linear process.

Asset Information and History

Detailed general asset information, asset history, and asset statistics.

Asset Hierarchy with Components

Parent/child asset hierarchy with cost roll-up. Show the relationship between assets and their component parts.


Asset Transfers and History Logging

Asset transfers between hierarchies and logged history of hierarchy changes, location code changes, process code changes, and status (active, on hold, etc.) changes.


Asset Hierarchy Statistics

Statistics are available by component with roll up to the equipment hierarchy.


Interactive Floor Plan and Equipment

The map integration provides the ability to locate work on a map and initiate basic execution tasks like creating work requests and work orders. Google Maps drill down to the facility, area, and individual equipment.



Reference Documents

Attachments (pictures, reports, diagram, safety procedures, and any other reference documents)

Service Agreement and Warranty Tracking

Track warranties and defined service agreements.

Barcode Look-Up

Avoid typing with a quick and accurate population of the equipment or part item number from a barcode or QR Code.

Equipment Risk and Criticality Assessment

Allows for definition of priority and priority rank on work order and provides instructions based on the type of incident observed.

Equipment Ownership

Define who owns the equipment. You can transfer equipment between companies for situations like equipment sales, service, or external ownership.

Fixed Asset Reference & Analysis

Two separate Equipment Ledgers; one for the maintenance department and one for accounting (Fixed Assets). Connect the equipment you want to depreciate to Fixed Assets in your ERP module.


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