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TAG Condition Monitoring & Inspection Software

Predictive maintenance is driven by condition monitoring. With TAG, you can measure the health of your equipment with asset observations and use preset parameters to predict future failure. You can launch a work order automatically with step-by-step tasks for immediate resolution.

TAG Inspection Forms allows for PDF certificates to be printed or saved digitally to satisfy audits, health and safety regulators. The solution allows you to combine human observations, real-time IoT sensor data, and manufacturers data and analyze it using artificial intelligence to optimize your maintenance activities.

Condition Monitoring & Inspection Features




Failure Codes

Define common fault codes.


Fault Rules per Equipment

Apply fault codes per equipment (rules to respond to fault entry), to request tickets to allow creation of work order and to work order feedback to allow creation of work order.


Fault Entry and Logging

Fault entry screens for users to record instances. Review and create work order from fault entry. Tracking of fault work order lines and resolution history for future reference and reporting.


Work Order Fault Integration

Inspections that result in fault discovery have automated work order and task creation based on the fault.


Local Electronic Inspection Form (Offline Mode)

Transform your manual inspection sheet into a digital inspection forms combining human observations and sensor inputs (IoT).


Centralized Inspection Forms Database

Fill out digital inspection forms locally on your device in offline mode, then later synchronize to a centralized inspection database with approval process.


Automated PDF Certification Creation

Engineer approved inspection forms automatically produce an inspection certificate (PDF) attached to the work order and equipment.


PDF Certification Equipment Attachment

The inspection certificates can be easily emailed or accessed instantly when needed for safety and compliance.


Inspection Form Analytics

The complete inspection history is compiled along with external sources of information about the equipment, then analyzed with artificial intelligence to predict failures before they happen.


Auto-Corrective Work Order Creation

If a failure is predicted, a corrective work order is created automatically.


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