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TAG Configuration & Workflows

TAG’s configuration and workflows eliminate sources of communication breakdown so you can serve your internal and external customers efficiently and on time. TAG Rapid Response solution enables maintenance process notification workflows. You can easily send chain emails with escalation paths based on response time to technicians, managers, and others.

TAG Configuration & Workflows Features




Workflow Management

Be more efficient and save time by automating your work and your processes.


User Groups & Role Profiles

Maintenance role permission sets for users:

  • Maintenance role profiles per user type
    (Maintenance Manager, Planner, Technician, Requester)

  • Can copy and configure role defaults
  • Maintenance User Controls

    Global Maintenance controls for functionnality
    Specific user maintenance controls for functionality

    Maintenance User Page Personalization

    Personalized user specific control of location and display on all pages (role center pages, list pages, mastercard pages and document pages).

    Maintenance Data Limitation by User

    Limit data displayed per user by region, facility or enterprise.

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