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TAG Finance Integration

TAG offers 2 paths for connecting to your ERP system. First, TAG offers an advanced Tier 1 API which can map out full financial suit to your ERP. Second, if your service company is a subsidiary company, you can run TAG as a complete standalone ERP and roll up your service company’s financials to your parent company’s ERP. In addition, because TAG is built-in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central framework, it respects European GDPR privacy regulations.

Finance Integration Features




Posting Controls to ERP

ERP posting controls by maintenance facilities:

  • Inventory postings through the Item journal
  • Consumption postings through the General journal
  • Outside Service Vendor postings through the General journal
  • Resource postings through Resource journal
  • Tools and other cost postings through the General Ledger
  • Fixed assets populate Fixed Asset journal
  • Controls to redirect postings through the Job journal
  • Navigate from finished work order to posted ERP Ledgers



Fixed API integration to existing ERP.

Full Financial System

Full financial system inside TAG available (available on demand).

Bank Reconciliation

Manage bank multi-currency reconciliation.

GL Budget

Manage budget by period, by division and by activities.

Profit Center

Manage financial statements by activities or department.

Cost Accounting

Manage set of cost accounting and related spending.

Tax & VAT Management

Manage European VAT and North American taxes. USA tax update automation available. Locate in more than 21 countries for tax reporting.

Fixed Asset Management

Manage all international accounting rules for asset depreciation and link to maintenance equipment card.

Automated Depreciation

Set up automated monthly routine to generate related depreciation entries.

Cash Flow Management

Manage cash flow projection based on receivable and payable and entries when optional full financial is activated.


Set up and use multiple currencies, process payments and invoices in different currencies, and adjust exchange rates when necessary.


Multiple legal companies can be created on the same database. Separate data per company.

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