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TAG Inventory Management Software

TAG Inventory Management software lets you manage parts inventory and MRO (Materials, Repairs and Operations) supply from anywhere and across multiple locations with ease. Manage inventory management rules using Min/Max, Lot for Lot, and serialized inventory. You also get the ability to use barcode scanners to quickly consume parts on work orders.

Inventory Management Features




Item Parts

Define items for parts with description, categorization, attributes costing, posting rules and supply chain rules, like MRP (Material Requirement Planning). Define item vendors and availability. Item replenishment and planning rules for MRP.

Consumable Parts

Define consumables parts with description and categorization, costing and General Ledger (GL) posting rules, as well as consumable vendors.

Supply Management

Requirements planning for work order item parts, consumable parts (nuts and bolts, paper towels, etc.), and vendors service from demand to purchase order creation, receipt and invoices. Multi-warehouse capable per maintenance facility including bins or shelf assignment.

Barcode Scanning for Parts Consumption

Consume parts using barcode on a work order.


Warehouse Management

Warehouse management functionality (bin, zone, location, stock keeping units, transfers, pick/put away).

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