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TAG Job Project Management Software

Maintenance projects can be larger than a single work order. For these projects, TAG Job Project Management module can accommodate phases and tasks with budgeting for work type, parts, expenses, and time. You can assign work order tasks to the technicians calendar, and you can also assign tools and external contractors to tasks. TAG will roll up all project costs and compare to project budgets. TAG can handle all project accounting and can automate invoicing to customers for service companies using multiple invoicing methods.

Job Project Management Features




Capital Job Management

Manage large jobs for customers or internal projects. Allows customers to be assigned to the job for sale invoices and allows maintenance work order to be posted to the job (corrective and preventive). Assign jobs and tasks to a work order or a work order line, post job costs through the Job Journal and navigate to Job Ledger entry from the finished work order.


Work Order Creation From Job Project

From each task, you can create a work order that aligns with a budget for time and material.  You can process the work order.  Then you can close the work order to consume the budget on each task.


Project by Phase & Task

Unlimited Phases and Tasks on a project.  Each will work with dependencies from start and/or end dates of a previous phase or task.

Phase & Task Scheduling

For each project tasks and phases, you can add a start data and an end date. It includes control on dependency.

Drag n’ Drop Scheduler

Drag n’ drop graphical scheduling tool for personnel, work order tasks, and equipment, including budget vs. actual visibility.

Mobile Expenses Application

Mobile application that manages expense reports related to work orders, projects, or free form.  It can be recorded as an expense on a work order or project.  It also allows for personnel reimbursement for expenses.


Mobile Time Entry

Mobile time entry sheet with approval process for non-TAG work order entries on a project (example: engineers).

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