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TAG Personnel Management Software

With TAG Personnel Management, you can easily organize personnel by skill set, certification, and location. You can schedule resources on a job based on shift, paid time off, and skill set using a calendar view and a drag n drop scheduling tool. The technician can enter their availability and see their statistics using the TAG Technician Portal. 

Personnel Management Features





Personnel can be defined as technicians, supervisors, subcontractors, or machines. Define costing, statistics, and history per personnel and sync with HR employee or resource systems.

Personnel Grouping

Group personnel by craft or trade (or internal) for work order or request planning. Define costing and report on groupings from Ledgers.

Personnel Skills & Certifications

Assign personnel with specific skills and certifications. Create validation rules for skills and certifications when a personnel is assigned on a work procedure task.

Union Management

Define Union Cost by personnel group (craft) and rate type codes for overtime costing. Allows for multiple unions and for user-defined package lines for applied costing (including 401k).

Maintenance Timesheet

Timesheet entry for personnel by work order task. Allows for multiple entries per work order task line (technician, over time, multiple starts) and for multiple time postings without closing the original work order.

White Board Personnel Planning

Whiteboard planning tool in a matrix view that allows for scheduling personnel to work order tasks.

Maintenance Dispatch

Drag n’ drop dispatch tool for personnel planning to work order lines in a calendar view.



Outside Service Vendors

Define service vendors work as a requirement on a work order.

Load Assessment & Availability

Define capacity by personnel and record availability to calculate load by personnel.

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