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TAG Preventive Maintenance Software

Approach the “zero downtime” goal and reduce production loss due to equipment failures with TAG Preventative Maintenance solution. You can easily schedule your preventative maintenance activity and plan for spare parts consumption by date cycles and meter readings, as well as automatically assign them to the appropriate people with the resources they need to complete the job.

Preventive Maintenance Features




Date-Based Preventive Maintenance Policy

Preventive Maintenance policy templates per equipment triggered by date occurrence:

  • one template to many equipment (management from the template)
  • one template to many procedure tasks (management from work procedure task)
  • created to a PM work order based on PM planning horizon (ex. 2 days or 3 months)
  • automatic PM work order creation

Meter Entry per Equipment

Human observed meter journal for bulk meter entry from many assets, meter entry on work order, meter results to log history. Sensor entries possible also.


Meter-Based Preventive Maintenance Policy

Preventive Maintenance policy templates per equipment triggered by meter occurrence:

  • can be created in advance on horizon
  • automatic preventive work order creation
  • one template to many equipment – management from the template
  • one template to many task – management from work procedure task

Specific Interval Preventive Maintenance Cycle Control

Preventive maintenance policy control by trigger allowing for:

  • specific work order description for each occurrence
  • added work procedure for each occurrence
  • added template lines for each occurrence
  • variation control of occurrence intervals (200h, 500h, 1000h… or 1 month, 1 quarter, 1 year…)
  • one click planning of the year
  • clear history

Inventory Preventive Maintenance Policy

Preventive maintenance policy templates per inventory part:

  • triggered by consumption of the part against and equipment for an occurrence interval
  • created to a preventive work order based on preventive maintenance planning horizon (ex. 2 days or 3 months)
  • automatic preventive work order creation

Work Grid Planning

Work grid planning that includes work orders and preventative maintenance tasks, assets and personnel.

Auto-Planned Preventive Maintenance Policy

Auto-planning of preventive work order creation based on your requirements:

  • weekly/nightly/monthly
  • filtered multiple batches
  • allows for manually running and auto-planned preventive work order at any time
  • includes error capture per policy

Drag n Drop Scheduler

Assign a date on which a staff member will complete a preventive work order. Assign and reassign preventive maintenance and work order events to any staff member on any day to quickly and easily balance workload hours among the staff.



Proactive Maintenance

Automated work requests based on condition monitoring with appropriate work procedures related to faults and criticality.


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