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TAG Request Management Software

TAG Request Management solution allows you to easily organize, plan, prioritize, and track work and service requests. It acts as a support ticket management system, reducing communication time between requesters and technicians automating assignment of personnel to requests with email notifications. In the maintenance-as-a-service environment, your customers can submit detailed maintenance requests from anywhere with the TAG Customer Portal and your technicians can respond to them faster than ever with TAG Mobile app.

Request Management Features




Simple Request Ticket

Allow requests from technicians, administration, and other departments to define and control the requirements of the maintenance department. Approve and add to work order as desired or needed. It is included for both internal requests and service requests when maintaining a customer’s equipment.

Off-Shift Request Ticket

Allow technicians to report the work that was completed, including time, part requirements, feedback and remaining work. Review and create work order, and post to work order history in a controlled way.

Rapid Response Request Ticket

Email notification system for urgent work orders and includes an escalation path if the technician is unavailable. Assign personnel to create automatically requests with notifications through email. Automated response escalation and reminders using the following criteria: personnel assignment is by shifts, by facilities, by the problem code, and by personnel groups.

Work Order Creation from Request

Can create a work order from a work order request with the click of the approve button. Actual request costs, like labour, time, and requirements are recorded to equipment history as a finished work order once finalized and posted. Additional work order lines can be planned directly from the request.

Grid Planning Request Tool

Request worksheets to manage all active requests.

Request Planning Codes

Request codes that are used to plan the order type, time, priority, status of the document.

Request Defaults and Controls

Control what data must be filled out in a request. Define default values per request on creation. Define controls to required request values.

Request Lifecycle Tracking

Document lifecycle tracking. UDN (Universal Document Number) grouping to track the document from creation to planning, to release, to posting, and to finished work order and finished request.

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