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Measuring reliability is crucial to preventing losses. It’s also important to accomplish this measurement in order to understand how well your maintenance program is performing. In order to track losses, one must first establish watermarks to compare against. A recommended strategy:


  • Determine maximum production rate for each unit.
  • Decide on a target rate of production for each shift.
  • Assign operators to track losses at the time they occur.


Losses should be tracked immediately, either via paper or electronic logging systems. Specific details should be noted in order to identify problems and design solutions:


  • Manufacturing unit
  • Start and end time/date
  • Number of lost units
  • Cause of loss, if known


By reviewing tracked information daily and acting on maintenance needs, losses are easier to identify and control. Over time, larger segments of data can be analyzed in order to anticipate potential losses and act accordingly to stop them proactively.

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