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Link each of your maintenance and management activities to one simple, easy-to-use system with all the essential features! 

The Asset Guardian (TAG) Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) can help you:

  • Gain more knowledge from your process history to make proactive maintenance decisions.
  • Transition from corrective or reactive maintenance to preventive maintenance.
  • Improve your inventory tracking and inventory management for spare parts.
  • Optimize your work orders.
  • Increase overall reliability to bring down costs.
  • Improve communication through mobile technology.
The Asset Guardian (TAG) maintenance Software Multi-device features

Preventive Maintenance Management

With Preventive Maintenance Management in TAG, you can ensure that your facilities stay up and running, all the while reducing the need for corrective maintenance. This feature allows you to:

  • Create preventive maintenance work orders.
  • Handle fault monitoring and actions.
  • Transition from corrective maintenance to preventive maintenance.
  • Perform data metering and trigger dates.
  • Monitor conditions and generate alerts.
  • Be proactive in your maintenance repair.


Work Order Management

In TAG, work orders can be created manually, issued through a request, or generated by the system. This feature allows you to:

  • Create work orders quickly.
  • Plan, manage, distribute, and approve requests and work orders.
  • Evaluate and manage TAG Preventive Maintenance work orders.
  • Automatically or manually insert safety procedures, work procedures, and other requirements in your work orders.
  • Complete work orders and log important data such as tasks, scheduling, tools, results, requirements, and comments.
  • Analyze employee performances.
Maintenance management calendar

Calendar and scheduling

Get a full view of all maintenance activities and easily visualize, assign and manage work orders. This feature allows you to 

  • Access the maintenance calendar from Microsoft Outlook
  • Create, modify, assign and track work orders from Outlook with Drag and Drop capability
  • Take effective actions on work order with the color priority levels and status
  • Track work orders by technician
  • Record time, consumption, feed-back and close work order tasks


Asset and Equipment Management

The equipment records in TAG help you manage the assets used in your work orders and track maintenance activities. This feature allows you to:

  • Define your equipment hierarchy according to your maintenance needs and practices.
  • Integrate the information relevant to each element in order to better manage your equipment.
  • Easily move, add, change, and copy functionalities.

Workforce Management

With Workforce Management in TAG, you can track information about the personnel in charge of inspecting, maintaining and repairing the equipment in your facility. This feature allows you to:

  • Assign staff members to specific maintenance activities.
  • Create and manage information on the personnel involved in maintenance activities.
  • Document each employee’s skills and certifications as well as operational information like availability, location, and working shifts.

Inventory Management and Control

With Inventory Management in TAG, you can take full control of your consumable usage and monitor your effective consumable quantities by location through the Availability function. This feature allows you to:

  • Manage your inventory for consumables, items, and tools.
  • Consult accurate statistics on your consumable usage.
  • Handle key tasks such as inquiries, minimum settings, checkouts, and returns.
  • Generate reports for below-minimum inventories, ledger entries, inventory checkouts, and more!

Custom Reports

The custom reports in TAG provide you with all the historical data needed to make better decisions and improve your facility’s overall performance. TAG can generate reports for:

  • Work orders
  • Equipment
  • Personnel
  • Consumables
  • Open settlement protocols (OSPs)
  • And more!

Maintenance Dashboard

Comprised of software experts, engineers, maintenance directors, and consultants, our team has developed a fully flexible and adaptable CMMS Dashboard that can pinpoint any area for improvement in your facility.

Mobile Version 

With the TAG mobile version, you can access real-time, critical information relating to assets and preventive maintenance at the tip of your fingers. The TAG mobile version is available on all mobile devices, so you can work anywhere at any time!

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