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Track equipement painlessly and effectively for optimized asset maintenance management.

As “equipment doctors”, each of your assets or pieces of equipment is like a patient, requiring check-ups and the right help so it functions at its highest potential. But unlike a real patient, it cannot speak for itself to remind you of what it needs, thus, tracking equipment so you have each asset’s record on hand is vital to your ability to diagnose and care for it.

Tag empowers maintenance managers with the information they need to increase asset availability and usage, limit downtime and extend productivity. Each asset or piece of equipment has specific maintenance requirements that must be considered before any preventive maintenance work can be accomplished, and must also reflect the industries standards.

Tag helps you manage all these requirements and track equipment and the work accomplished on each individual item easily and quickly.

Key Benefits

Define your equipment hierarchy

Equipment history

Time and meter triggers

Move, add, change, and copy functionality

Import/Export tool (CSV, Excel sheets…)

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