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Keep an eye on your spare parts inventory and avoid tragic shortage

Tag’s Inventory Management feature gives you full control of your consumable usage and the ability to monitor your effective consumable quantities by location through visibility to inventory availability.

Asset inventory management is a basic aspect of maintenance management that is at the foundation of ensuring a complete maintenance management program is sound. Without clear and real-time visibility of your inventory, you are essentially lost, no matter how powerful your maintenance management system is!

Tag, ensures that basic aspects of maintenance management, like solid asset inventory management, are built-in and easy to manage so that the simpler work is done quickly and you can focus on adding strategic value where it’s really required!

Key Benefits

Manage your inventory for consumables, items, and tools.

Consult accurate statistics on your consumable usage.

Handle key tasks such as inquiries, minimum settings, checkouts, and returns.

Generate reports for below-minimum inventories, ledger entries, inventory checkouts, and more!

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