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Comprised of software experts, engineers, maintenance directors, and consultants, our team has developed a fully flexible and adaptable Maintenance dashboard that can pinpoint any area requiring improvement in your facility. With The Asset Guardian (Tag), you don’t need to be afraid of your data!

Dashboard: More Than a Buzzword

An increasing number of businesses are leveraging the decision-making benefits of data and business intelligence in the form dashboards. The reason is simple: managers are responsible for a wider range of functions within a company, with less time and resources than before. Not to mention. with the digital capabilities that are now available, there truly is no good excuse to be left in the dark – it’s an unnecessary risk that can leave your organization in a competitively irrelevant state.

Quick and effective decision-making necessitates a full assessment of the facility and its diverse activities. A maintenance dashboard gives you the power to consult key performance indicators (KPIs) regularly and effect change immediately.

Undoubtedly, it’s only through access to the right data, presented in the right way, that maintenance managers can answer this most simple, yet essential question: How are we doing today?

A Maintenance Dashboard Customized for Each User

With just a quick look at the Tag Maintenance Dashboard, managers can get a comprehensive analysis of their facility’s performance and equipment. With this information, they can proactively formulate a complete action plan before upper management asks the tough questions.  Moreover, you’ll communicate more specifically than ever before by customizing your Tag Maintenance Dashboard to every level of management:

  • Floor technicians can receive feedback on specific tasks.
  • Middle management can manage the team’s priorities and the performance of individual employees.
  • Upper management can get a comprehensive view of the facility’s activities and performance to pinpoint any area of improvement.

Altogether, the data informs all levels of management and executives on where, when and how to make investments that will improve the overall performance of the facility.

Tag: A Powerful Maintenance Dashboard

The effective use of our software can greatly affect your maintenance performance. For this reason, we have integrated one of the most powerful dashboard tools on the market right into the Tag Maintenance Dashboard: Microsoft Power BI.

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