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A powerful Maintenance Scheduling Calendar that you’ll actually want to look at.

As a Maintenance Manager, the best thing you can do for your Maintenance Technician is to ensure you leverage his skill set the best wasy possible. He should not have to spend time working on administrative tasks that do not highlight his core function for the company. Rather, he should, at-a-glance, have access to the information he needs to get his work done as quickly and effectively as possible.

The Asset Guardian (Tag) replaces the typical maintenance scheduling software by offering users a vision into their individual maintenance calendar that is graphically visually appealing, streamlined and straightforward to use.

As a manager, you can see each of your technician’s calendars side-by-side with your own, and each of your technician’s can see everything from their next stop, to their lunch meeting plans, all in one view so that you are one step closer to improved efficiency.

Key Benefits

Get a full view of all maintenance activities

Easily visualize, assign and manage work orders

Access maintenance scheduling calendar from Microsoft Outlook

Drag n’ Drop capability within Outlook

Color-coded priority levels and status

Track work orders by technician

Coordinate effectively maintenance activities with managers

An effortless maintenance scheduling calendar the whole team can benefit from.


Maintenance manager:

  • Access the calendar from Microsoft Outlook
  • Create, modify, assign and track work orders from Outlook with drag n’ drop capability by technician
  • Take effective actions on work orders with color priority levels and status
  • Track work orders by technician

Maintenance technician:

  • Access the assigned work orders on Outlook calendar
  • Create, modify and release work orders from Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • Record time, consumption, feedback and close work order tasks
  • Coordinate effectively maintenance activities with managers

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