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You don’t need a Workforce Management Software, when you have TAG. 

As a Maintenance Manager, your core goal is for your team of high performing maintenance experts to work in the most optimized fashion ensuring that your valuable company assets are functioning optimally for as long as possible.

To make that happen, you need to be aware of what each of those team members brings to the table so you can position them at the right place and time for optimized value.  The team behind Tag ensured to design a very solid foundation to support an elevated-level of dispatching into the program. Similar to what would be found in a Workforce Management software, but targeted to asset maintenance management, it enables the ability to create robust profiles for each technician that includes, their skills, certifications, performance statistics, ongoing work orders, historical data (past work orders), feedback and more, all to be leveraged for better dispatching and scheduling.

Overall, Tag’s Workforce Management software features help managers track information about the personnel in charge of inspecting, maintaining in order to increase productivity and efficiency of the work.

Key Benefits

Assign staff members to specific maintenance activities

Create and manage staff information

Document each employee’s skills and certifications

Track operational information like availability, location, and working shifts

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