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Maintenance Management Made Easy with TAG!

The Asset Guardian (TAG) is a powerful Computerized Maintenance Management Software – CMMS to plan, control and monitor all your preventive and scheduled maintenance activities from work orders management to sophisticated maintenance activities management, as well as unscheduled repairs, inspections and calibrations. No complex or expensive connection is required. Your data is accessible from anywhere at any time through a single database, making deployment easy!

The Asset Guardian (TAG) maintenance Software Multi-device

How much does unexpected breakdowns cost?

What are the consequences on customer service and client retention?

By detecting impending breakdowns and failures before they occur, companies avoid expansive penalties due to production cuts or late deliveries, enhance their productivity, expand equipment’s availability, extend equipment lifetime and then, earn a better Return on Investment. 


Reduce downtime • Extend Equipment Lifetime • Increase Productivity 

TAG holds the key to your success!

Your production team can improve its overall performance by reducing the amount of unscheduled production shutdowns.

Your maintenance team can improve its intervention planning by keeping a history of breakdowns and moving from corrective maintenance to preventive maintenance.

TAG allows for better budget control and planning of expenditures. At last, you can have a fully integrated tool that enables you to control the condition of your assets in real time!

TAG in 3 steps

Switch to planning mode
  • You have access to all the information you need to implement a preventive maintenance program, in a single dashboard.
  • You can make accurate projections to allocate the necessary human and material resources at the right time.
  • Your production schedule is interconnected with your maintenance management activities to ensure better coordination.
  • You retain quick access to your maintenance and breakdown history at any time.
Measure and analyze for better decision-making
  • You can access reliable, flexible, and advanced performance indicators that allow you to analyze the right data sets.
  • You can customize reports and dashboards for each decision-maker as per their specific needs.
Control your budget and keep track of your investment
  • Thanks to a perfect integration into your ERP system, you are able to keep an eye on your budgets and have a clear view of your maintenance needs in real time.

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