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Maintenance Management Software Integrated right into your Microsoft Stack.

Always Backed by Microsoft.

 OK, so what does that mean?

“As long as Microsoft will be in business, your investment is protected.”



Martin Turgeon

CEO of VeroSoftDesign

“Our software looks and feels just like all the other tools you already use from Microsoft. If you are familiar with outlook for your email then you will easily learn our product.”

Shawn Drybrough

CMMS Product specialist and Business Solutions Consultant

And what else?

Avoid resistance to change


Does learning a new software make you feel old?


We use your “day to day” tools; don’t worry about learning a new software. The success of any project depends greatly of the ability of the team members to adopt new practices.

Mitigate risk and put the odds in your favor.


We know your industry


While the industry wanes with legacy software and outdated technology, we focus on current technology. We care about how our customers will use Big Data and what the best practices for Asset Management will be.

We have a very strong core product, customized to your process needs. Product features capable of handling industry best practices, while adaptable enough to meet the unique business demands of the specific industries we work with.

Guaranteed to work


Technology: We deliver secure technology that is backed by Microsoft ensuring you stable technology for now and the future. You are immediately up-to-date when you invest with us. We piggy back on the Microsoft Stack roadmap and there is no other company investing as much as Microsoft.

Upgrade Path: Providing an upgrade path is an important element of our business. We anticipate that our customers will expect more from their CMMS systems long after go-live. We are continuously looking at improvements. Tomorrow’s products will be better than today’s. And our product today is helping our customers improve profits! We give our customers a platform that they can grow their companies’ with. And we do this by virtually eliminating risk to your business.


“ The old ways of white boards and paper piles and break fix are migrating to CMMS or computerized maintenance management systems which are accelerating in adoption across the globe.  We are reaching phase 2 now where companies are eliminating business silos and making sure departments are communicating with each other in real time. TAG is unique with a true integration within Microsoft Stack.  Your maintenance, finance, and IT will all be on one ecosystem.”


Eric Carlson

Channel Sales Specialist

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