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Unscheduled downtime is a bane for any organization. An estimated 70 percent of defects are self-induced, and nearly half that number stems from preventable human error. There are two primary strategies which can easily limit lost productivity: defect elimination and standardized work.


Assign and Empower


One of the prevailing problems in any facility is a direct lack of accountability. When workers are not expected or empowered to resolve issues, those issues go unaddressed. Defect elimination can be achieved by forming small action teams, thereby creating accountability through a sense of ownership.


Examining Standards


Tribal knowledge is an easy crutch to rely on, but operations which rely on undocumented knowledge and arbitrary procedures are risky to say the least. Standardized work is quality control—instead of simply examining a component, it ensures that the specific attributes and performance are reviewed in detail.


By taking a more detailed view and empowering workers to take action consistently and proactively, your operations stand to function much more fluidly and with fewer unexpected interruptions.

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