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Starting a reliability program isn’t often something that can be done as a stand-alone activity. Usually, your company will need to look at a series of improvements as you start such an endeavor.


Where Do You Start?


As you look over your company’s structure, you may not find an easy place to begin the program’s implementation. Try these tips:


  • Select an area to improve: Gather a capable team and list all areas that may need improvement. Pinpoint what improvements are required and prioritize.
  • Choose Your Tools: Consider tools such as root-cause failure analysis, fault-tree analysis or reliability-centered maintenance. In addition, do not discount the effectiveness of reworking schedules and procedures.
  • Hire the Best Candidate to lead the program: Give this position to someone who has the time and dedication to handle necessary tasks well.


Use this overview to begin your quest for increased reliability within your company. You will find that the improvements should pay for themselves over time.

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