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Looking for a way to cut costs, remove waste and improve productivity? Then lean maintenance may be the solution for you. This method eliminates parts of the maintenance process that do not add value. There are a variety of different areas in this process that should be examined to remove wasted time and inventory. Some of these areas include:


  • Defects – These are usually a result of inadequate procedures, poor workmanship or lack of proper tools.


  • Transportation – Remove any unnecessary travel by scheduling ahead.


  • Overproduction – Only perform preventive maintenance when necessary and do jobs correctly the first time so you do not have to redo them.


  • Inventory of Spare Parts – Eliminate excess inventory.


  • Process Waste – Fix equipment properly instead of rushing to complete the repair as fast as possible.


  • Wait Time – Decrease any time spent waiting on instructions, assignments, approvals or equipment availability.

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