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Once you see the difference Tag’s work orders make,

you will be ready to make the switch.

The work order management system templates used by The Asset Guardian (Tag) have been deliberately and meticulously developed for ease-of-use. Essential information is highly visible and easy to access. Work orders can be created manually, issued through a request, or generated by the system based on a date and/or meter trigger. Many of Tag’s others functions are designed to further optimize the work order management system and it’s usage such us: Dispatch and Rapid Response.

Tag’s work order management system also gives you the ability to manage sub-contracted service contracts for your client’s clients. It enables you with the sales tools to begin the project, such as drafting proposals, and then tools to manage it, such as invoicing; an added-value that is sure to make your financial officers very happy.

Key Benefits

Create work orders quickly

Plan, manage, distribute, and approve requests and work orders

Evaluate and manage Tag Preventive Maintenance work orders

Automatically or manually insert safety procedures, work procedures, and other requirements in your work orders.

Complete work orders and log important data such as tasks, scheduling, tools, results, requirements, and comments.

Analyze employee performances.

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How to create a work order

Improve your response time with automated work order assignment and email notification. 

Thanks to TAG’s Rapid Response functionality, it is now faster to fix breakdowns.

Step 1

Breakdown is detected

A «Request Ticket» is created for the work order and TAG’s Rapid Response functionality is launched.

Step 2

Email notification is automatically sent

Auto-Assign: Users receive emails including all information they need to perform the task on the work order. Users also receive a direct link to the
«Request Ticket» for easy access.

Step 3

Users complete and update the work order request

«Request Ticket» is available in TAG Web (the mobile version of TAG).

Step 4

Equipment is fixed

Completed requests are archived as historical data that can be accessed later for predictive maintenance.

Key Benefits

Request/Ticket Generation


Email Escalation

Email Notifications

Guided Work Order Request

Create & respond on mobile with TAG Web

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Work Request

Email Notifications

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