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TAG by VeroSoft Design

The Asset Maintenance Software Created by Maintenance Pros for Maintenance Pros

We’ve walked a mile in your shoes, and Tag is the result.

Behind the Scenes:

The Creators of Tag, VeroSoft Design


Today, Verosoft Design Inc. (VSD), the creators of Tag, is a worldwide recognized Independent Software Vendor (ISV) offering vertically-centered solutions based in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

We are committed to provide best-in-class technological solutions to our customers in several verticals including Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Transportation, Distribution, Mining, and more.

Our Story:

From Simple Maintenance Software to Tag.


Tag – The Asset Guardian is a Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) that helps Microsoft-based companies, with important investments in assets and equipment, plan, control and monitor all maintenance activities.

However, before Tag was what it is today, it was a mere idea in the mind of a maintenance manager in the Oil & Gas industry looking to improve his daily tasks. So when we say created by maintenance professionals for maintenance professionals, it proves that the birth of invention is often necessity.

When it was no longer in his capacity to scale it to the needs of the market, VeroSoft design acquired Tag and invested millions to review it, research and adapt it to current market needs before they re-introduced it to the industry in 2013.

Originally built to serve the needs of the Oil & Gas industry alone, VSD scaled the maintenance software technology, adding robust functionality suitable for various industries including manufacturing and hospitality, launching its transformative journey towards a full solution CMMS.

Tag is now distributed across the world, in all continents and for multiple industries, is formally certified by Microsoft, and currently remains the only maintenance software native to Microsoft Dynamics Nav and backed by its technology, reputation and sustainability.

Between 2009 to today’s latest upgrade, VSD has dramatically improved the product functionality; adding 44 releases based on the feedback and needs of our most valued and important stakeholders, the end users.


A Partnership that Stands the Test of Time.


VeroSoft Designs partnership with Microsoft is a key differentiator and asset in our ability to service our clients in the most reliable and secure environment possible. Microsoft is a technology master and the company with the largest investment in software solutions on the planet.

VSD’s partnership with Microsoft allows us to follow in the footsteps of a recognized leader and leverage their research and intelligence in order to focus our efforts on industry knowledge development and technological breakthroughs to solve our clients most pressing challenges.

Our expertise in Microsoft language (all our software is integrated to the Microsoft stack) as well as the mobile and web compatibility and user-friendliness of our solutions, facilitate a seamless introduction of technology and a simple transition for our clients.

Our Contribution to Industry Optimization via Technology Solutions

Tag is but one of VeroSoft Designs proud accomplishments, but we are proud to boast a strong scope of software that help our customers achieve their full business potential:

NavOne Financial

offers a range of functionality that enhance efficiency within specific functions of Dynamics NAV (Reception, Finance, Production, Transport, Expedition and more…).

NavOne Table Sync

is a Dynamics NAV-based module that allows for both one-way and two-way synchronization of data across multiple companies.

NavOne Project

is an online project management tool designed to control resource allocation on a user-friendly and dynamic calendar.

NavOne Shopfloor

is a simple touchscreen interface that provides real-time production and consumption of materials on the floor.

NavOne Ship

is a distribution solution that allows companies to achieve the lowest possible freight costs or to increase operational efficiency for high shipping volumes. NavOne Ship is certified for major carriers.

Prostream Logistics

is an integrated material flow management module designed to control the flow of materials from receipt of purchase order from client request up to shipment to final destination ensuring fluidity of the supply chain.

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