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TAG Maintenance and Asset Management Solution

Best-in-class EAM software that helps automate maintenance processes and improve operations efficiency.

TAG Base Maintenance and Asset Management Plans

TAG Base Maintenance and Asset Management standard module is offered primarily through two plans: TAG Base CMMS and TAG Base EAM.

TAG Base CMMS Plan

TAG CMMS plan allows for the management maintenance requests and corrective work orders, to classify assets by hierarchy levels, to manage spare parts inventory, to create spare parts purchase request from the work order and to access reports and KPIs via dedicated digital dashboards.


  • Automated creation of preventive maintenance work order triggered by date occurrence
  • Statistics for equipment, asset, personnel, tools, work order and more
  • Drag n’ drop scheduler for personnel, equipment, and preventive maintenance work orders
  • Offline-capable TAG Technician Portal for mobile devices, native app for iOS, Android and Windows
  • Reordering of spare parts based on min/max inventory, demand planning, costing methods, inventory kitting and materials billing for work orders
  • Attach pictures, reports and any other related documents to a work order

TAG Base EAM Plan

TAG EAM plan allows to proactively replace parts before failures occur through condition-based monitoring, to trigger preventive maintenance work orders from meter readings, to create and save Work Order Standard Procedures and Preventive Maintenance (PM) policy templates (triggered by meter or date occurrence) for tasks, spare parts, consumables and time requirements, and to assess asset criticality by setting asset priority fields and priority ranks on work orders and maintenance requests.



  • Asset classification with unlimited hierarchy levels (main asset, components, sub-components, etc.) ​
  • Direct access to equipment card information by scanning QR codes located on work orders or work requisitions​
  • Dedicated workflows to automate maintenance processes
  • Creation of work order standard procedure templates based on equipment failures codes ​
  • Create Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) templates ​
  • Map and geolocation capability (cellular LTE signal tracking, static and moving)


TAG Additional Extensions

TAG Base Maintenance and Asset Management module is required if you want to have additional TAG extensions, which are optional.

Designed for service businesses, TAG Maintenance-as-a-Service is a full-featured maintenance and asset management solution that additionally allows for the maintenance and servicing of customers’ assets via an offline-capable mobile service portal for field technicians. It integrates a full e-commerce solution and a dedicated portal for customers as well.

Quotes & Billing

Create quotes and invoices from a work order

Union Pricing

Manage multiple pricing and costs by union location for the same field worker

On-site Printing

Print certificate and invoice from service location

On-site Document Management

On-site document management, e-signature, equipment reading and feedback

Service Portal

Dedicated service portal for field workers with e-commerce capabilities and to manage service requests, view asset information, and order equipment parts

Customer Portal

Dedicated customer portal that provides an overview over their equipment, facilities, related work orders, and requests
TAG Capital Project allows for the creation, budgeting, tracking, and management of large maintenance and capital projects with related resources, costs, and tasks. Work orders can be launch from project tasks.

Employee Portal

Dedicated employee portal to self-manage employee schedules, time entries, vacations, history and statistics

Scheduling & Tracking

Project management scheduling and tracking tool for time and attendance, including regional staff availability, holidays, and vacation

Capital Expenditure

Manage project phase and task budgets for resources effort, expenses, item consumptions, purchase orders and maintenance work orders

Independent Start & End Date

Phase and task-independent starting date, and end date management including completion by task

Project View by Level

From a global project view, drill down from a task to a work order

Project View by Activities

Gantt-like view on project phases, tasks, dates, and budgets
TAG Asset Performance allows for the detection of equipment failures before they occur. It can automatically trigger preventive work orders from pre-set equipment rules and IoT (sensor communication) parameters, allows for computerized predictions of maintenance activities and allows for the creation of 3D virtual replicas (digital twins) of the equipment in the cloud with real-time sensor readings.

IoT Sensors

Wireless IoT sensors with multiple readers per equipment

IoT Edge Device

Local IoT Edge device that establishes the communication and the frequency of data transfer in the cloud between equipment sensors and TAG

Digital Twin

Connect equipment sensors to its equipment 3D virtual replica (digital twin)

IoT Portal

Dedicated graphical interface to manage equipment sensors, rules, parameters, and telemetry analysis of the IoT Edge device

Data Collection

Collection of non-maintenance related data from equipment readers

Advanced AI

Use of Machine Learning techniques to generate action and alert suggestions to improve efficiency and performance of assets
Designed for equipment inspection management, TAG Asset Monitoring enables digital inspection forms (no clipboard needed) and links them to specific equipment models, to automatically attach engineer approval certifications to the equipment and to scan an equipment barcode to find its 3D virtual replica (digital twin) in TAG.

Digital Inspection Form

Automatically launch inspection forms from a work order

Offline Mobility

Access inspection forms remotely from any location with offline capabilities

Automated Certification

Automatically creates inspection approval certificates for compliance and safety

Automated Corrective Work Order

Inspection results can automatically generate a corrective work order or a phone / text request from MS Cortana

Equipment IoT Analysis

Data from equipment sensors can be combine to the inspection form completed by the technician

Inspection Form Analytics

Store and record equipment inspection data and history for statistics, reporting and improvement purposes

Compare TAG plans

Find the plan that fits your organization best. Each TAG plan can also be configured to meet specific business needs and requirements.

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