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TAG Purchase Management Software

 TAG Purchase Management software enables purchase order planning based on demand driven from work orders and inventory replenishment rules. TAG can manage multi-currency purchase orders and convert spare parts for consumption in local currency by landed cost by warehouse. It also  allows you to manage contract pricing and discount levels by currency and by vendors. 

Purchase Management Features




Supply Management

Requirements planning for work order item parts, consumable parts and vendors service from demand to purchase order creation, receipt and invoices. Multi-warehouse capable per maintenance facility including bins or shelf assignment.

Requisition Management

Populate requisition work order sheet for purchasing with part requirements and vendor service requirements from work order for planning purposes.

Purchase Order from Work Order

Allows for direct creation of Purchase Order (PO) by maintenance users from the work order requirements.


Purchase Order Log

Track part and service requirements created to a purchase order as with linkage from work order to PO line. Allows update of work order requirements from PO lines and purchase log reporting by equipment.

EAM Purchase Statistics

Equipment-based purchase statistics based on the purchase log.


Purchase Integration & Quantity Assignment

A part assigned to a work order line or a task will generate a demand in the inventory system and a requisition for purchase if, at the date for which the part will be required for that work order line or task, the stock level will be short (reorder point / min-max calculation). If a purchase order is created from that work order or task, then parts will be reserved for that same work order.


Vendor Management

Create and update vendors for parts, supplies, and services.

Quote Management

Manage quote for parts, supplies, and services associated to demand.

Vendor Price List by Currency

Manage purchase price by currencies. The system can, if configured, update daily exchange rate then applied the exchange rate to the transaction on receipt or on additional charges for landed cost.

Contract Pricing

The system will maintain specific price list parts by currency by vendors and by date to manage pricing contract by vendors. Manage discount levels by quantity and by date. Workflow can be created if a contract price for a part is not set up to automated bid requirements.

Requisition Worksheet

Create a digital list of spare parts based on demand where purchasing can choose to create a PO or ask for a quote.


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