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TAG Reporting Software

TAG Reporting software gives instant access to reporting and KPI dashboards on your complete maintenance activity. TAG has existing Microsoft Power BI reports and allows for custom reporting and analytics on virtually any data set you could ask for. TAG can take it a step further incorporating Artificial Intelligence to predict the likelihood of future maintenance events by analyzing the data and learning from multiple data sources including your data history, the manufacturer’s data, and other data sources.

Reporting Features




KPIs Dashboard

KPI dashboards with maintenance insights and role activities visualized. Maintenance Documents and Ledgers are coded to enable cube queries (a way to visualize data). Tables are exposed for dashboard reporting.

Reports & Statistics

Reports and statistics on equipment, personnel, work order, request, inventory, OSP, PM policy and planning.

Basic Power BI Visual Reports

Basic set of data and KPIs. From this data set, you can add additional dashboard.

Advanced & Custom Power BI Reports

All maintenance statistics are available for dashboard reporting by a reporting software like Microsoft Power BI.



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