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TAG Sales & Service Management Software

TAG utilizes the full set of financial functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central which has one of the best receivable subledgers available for CMMS including quotes, orders, invoicing, cash receipt, and statements of accounts. You can automate periodic invoicing for spare parts sales and work order service hours to your customers. To simplify customer engagement related to billing and accounting, TAG includes a full contract management system with an agile billing and work flows. Finally, TAG offers a B2B customer portal which gives customers full access to equipment maintenance statistics and work order request management.

Sales & Service Management Features




Sales Management

Create Sales Order from work order lines, get price list by maintenance personnel, work procedure task, contract and requirements and define customers Enterprise for billing. Statistics reporting by work order.

Project Contract Work Order Grouping

Apply project contracts to a work order, create a work order from project contract line, set threshold limitations per project contract and generate statistics reports by project contract. Project contract, periodic and UDN (Uniform Document Number) billing available.


Customer Management

Create and update customer profiles.

Part Price List

Manage sales price by currencies, by customers and by customer groups, manage the expiration date on price list and manage multi-unit of measure pricing. Price list for parts, services and work.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system offered.



Customer Discount

Manage discounts by customers of a group of customers by item/services or items/services group by date.

Capping Pricing or Discount

Manage special pricing or discounts with a start date end date.

Technician Union Pricing

Manage multiple pricing and cost by union location for the same technician.

Work Oder Invoicing

Creates appropriate invoices by work order in account receivable modules.

Service Contract Management

Manage contract monthly, yearly or any period. Manage revenue recognition by period and create contract-related invoice by period and automate contract renewal warning.


Warranty Management

Manage warranty on customer equipment for parts and label. Relate to work order invoice if no longer on warranty.


Customer History & Statistics

Keep all statistics on customer activities and manage full set of statistics by customer equipment.

B2B e-commerce Portal

Dedicated B2B e-commerce portal for customers with access to their account, account activities, equipment maintenance, request management creation and tracking, and part reordering.


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